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Obsessed with Sweets? 5 Ways to Get Rare Candy

Everyone has a favorite candy. Whether it’s the hard candy your grandma always had in her purse or a chocolatey treat local to your hometown, this special sweet hits the spot and makes the whole world seem a little rosier.

But what happens if your favorite candy is discontinued? Believe it or not, that doesn’t always mean that treat is gone for good. Here are a few tips for getting your hands on some rare candies:

Search The World Wide Web

rare candy

These days, you can buy just about anything online and that includes rare and retro candies. Manufacturers who used to sell their goods in the local store alone can now ship cases of sweet snacks all over the country! With a little persistence and a few keystrokes, you just might find a way to get your favorite goodies.

Start your search by looking for the candy manufacturer. If they no longer make your favorite or they can’t ship it to your area, don’t worry; there are plenty of other online retailers (or even just a stranger with a surplus) who will be happy to sell to you.

Find A Retro Candy Store

rare candy

Setting foot inside a retro candy store is like taking a walk down memory lane. These novelty shops usually stock up on the classic candies (and the occasional toy) of generations past. A visit to one of these stores is a truly great way to find your favorite childhood candy.

If you’re on the hunt for rare candies, a retro candy store just might be your best bet. Look for one in your local area (a quick internet search should do the trick) and pop over some weekend afternoon; you might be surprised at all the amazing goodies you’ll find!

Take a Trip To Another Country

rare candy

Some candy is hard to find simply because it’s not sold in your country or has been banned. Kinder Surprise Eggs, for example, are banned in the United States as a choking hazard, but can be found across the pond in Europe. Some countries even have different flavors you can’t find anywhere else. Japan is a great example, with flavors of kiwifruit and rice paper in their most popular sweet treats.

Get Friendly with the Manufacturer

rare candy

As we discussed earlier, your online searching might lead you to the manufacturer of your favorite candy. This is a great thing! Candy manufacturers often have their rare or discontinued candies tucked away in their warehouse, and they are happy to sell them to folks who want to buy!

When you find your favorite candy manufacturer, feel free to send them an email. Tell them which candy you’re looking for, and see if they’re willing to work with you to get your sugar fix! Who knows, you just might end up with your very own stockpile of your favorite treat.

Use Candy Club!

rare candy

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. People everywhere can get monthly packages delivered straight to their front doors that contain things like clothing, groceries, and of course, candy. In fact, a monthly subscription box from Candy Club is your ticket to some of the best rare candies available!

With a subscription to Candy Club, while we don’t have a specific “rare candy box”, you’ll get a variety of chocolates, gummy snacks, and hard candies every month. Everything is delivered straight to you; no rushing from store to store looking for your favorite sweets! You’ll discover new favorites and even get your hands on those rare goodies you’ve been dreaming of.

What should you do with all this rare candy once you have your hands on it? Share! Whether with close friends or your family, candy is the best way to get everyone in a good mood (and fast)!